Iron Pawn


Your Objective

The Portal Society has hired Knives and Io (hesitantly) to take their newly developed “portals” and trek across the continents, placing the portals as they go, thus linking the world and reducing foot pain.

Kagata's Objective

Kagata, being an all-powerful overlord, facilitates the course of Knives’ journey from afar, all building up for an epic battle in Galactic Stadium! (if he can survive, that is)

Prepare Yourself

Before you leave town, it’s a good idea to gather supplies and talk to random townsfolk... well, at least in most cases...

Explore the World

There’s much to see, much to do... even if you’re technically intruding on private property...

Strategic Combat

Old-school style turn-based combat is the way to go! With hundreds of bizarre enemies, there’s never a dull moment.

Traps 'n' Puzzles

Yes, there are even some things this “Jinsokunin” can’t handle... so what exactly are Knives’ skills again?

Attention Collectors!

Introducing the Monster Compendium—a book to catalogue each and every one of the hundreds of enemies in the game. And for you collectors out there, precise info on item drop rates! <nerd drool>

Epic Sidequests

Welcome to your doooooooooooooooooooooooom!!! Seriously, the sidequests are not to be taken lightly—and they will be epic—you will be well rewarded for your efforts.