Iron Pawn


Iron Pawn?
Yes, it’s a parody of the TV show “Iron Chef” which originated in Japan. The point of the show was to have master chefs compete against each other in a large cooking arena to see who could prepare the finer food. My game pays homage to that classic show, except in the form of warriors in a battle arena.
How would you describe the style of the game?
Hmm, it certainly crosses over a variety of genres. At heart, the game is a classic, 2D style RPG with random battles. However, the game visuals are a cross between old school graphics and anime elements. The story and content is a mixture of dry and dark humor, with a dash of seriousness.
Who is this game suitable for? What is the age rating?
I think the game would best be enjoyed by audiences ages 13 and up. Note that there is no extreme violence, graphic sex, or anything adult oriented like that. There may be a couple swear words like "damn" (gasp!) and "pissed" (blasphemy!) as well as some suggestive dialog, but really the focus of the game is on dungeon crawling.
How long is the game?
It’s hard to put a good estimate on it since it’s still in development, but I would guess the game will be a good solid 15+ hours long, and that is without sidequests and item collecting.
Isn’t that kind of long for this kind of game?
Was the original Final Fantasy too long? No. I wanted to make a big impression with Iron Pawn, since I have been essentially working on the concepts behind this game for about 10 years now. If I make cuts in the game, it will interrupt my overall vision of the game, and it will feel rushed. And that’s why I ask for your patience so I can make the best game I can! :D
What are the system requirements for playing this game?
Operating System:Windows 98/XP/Vista
Download Size: 96 MB
RAM: 256 MB
How do/did you create the game?
The game is created using a program called RPG Maker XP. Basically, you download (or buy) the software, and using it, you can make maps, items, weapons, characters, storylines, events, and more. The best part of all is you can import outside resources from friendly indie gamers who don’t mind distributing their works (art, music, code, etc.) for free, provided you give them credit for their awesome work. There are lots of websites for gathering game materials, including RMN and RMRK. For more information on RPG Maker, visit Enterbrain’s website.
Why 2D old-school RPGs?
I guess it’s because that’s what I enjoyed most growing up. I loved the battles, the leveling up, the items, weapons and armor, the dungeon crawling, the music, and the desire to want to get a perfect game. There’s so much to do in RPGs! However, I believe that many of today’s RPGs, while visually stunning, have lost their edge. I feel like games like Final Fantasy XII/XIII have lost touch with fun gameplay, and focus way too much on pretty pictures and soap opera storylines. What ever happened to minimal storylines and great nonstop action? That’s just one of many things I hope to bring back to the community with Iron Pawn.
When will the game be finished?!?! Me want now!
This is by far, the hardest question for me to answer. I used to have tons of time when I was unemployed and living at home. Now, with a full-time job, a relationship, and a desire to meet more friends, it has become extremely difficult to find time to work on the project.
What inspired you to make Iron Pawn?
The original RPG Maker for the PS1 was what started it all. I had so much fun making a full-featured RPG and making it just the way I wanted. Before that, I really hadn’t considered making video games. But that game, combined with my passion for RPGs really was my main drive.
Who are you?
I’m Batman. you’re not.
You’re right. My name is Todd, and you can find out more about me on my personal site.